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Healthy Louisiana is the way most of Louisiana’s Medicaid and LaCHIP recipients receive health care services. The overriding goal is to encourage enrollees to own their own health and the health of their families.

In Healthy Louisiana, Medicaid recipients enroll in a Health Plan. These Plans differ from one another in several ways, including their provider networks, referral policies, health management programs and extra services and incentives offered. Each of these Plans is accountable to the Louisiana Department of Health (LDH). Each contract requires adherence to detailed grievance and appeals requirements. Members have the right to appeal, first to their Health Plan, then to the State. There are also strict marketing guidelines that each plan must adhere to with mandatory prior approval of marketing materials. LDH will monitor all complaints, grievances and appeals to assure the system is accountable to the enrollees and the state.

Medicaid is an assistance program that provides medical coverage to low-income people who meet certain eligibility qualifications. Currently in Louisiana, more than 2 million people are enrolled in Medicaid.

If you wish to apply for Louisiana Medicaid or need information on the current system of care (services covered, providers, etc.), click here.

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